We can do magic

We realize your enterprise solution in different programming languages, over well-known frameworks, with Open Source, object-oriented programming, domain-driven Design and methods of Agile development.
Already since our foundation in 1988, our focus is on the topic of process optimization through intelligent software solutions. We are on your way to digitization your adviser, supporter, visionary ... and maybe sometimes the driver.
We design and implement innovative e-business solutions to streamline your business processes: from the corporate website to wiki, intranet, self-service, to mapping complex business processes.
Our experts take care of all aspects of the eCommerce project: from the strategy and the selection of the right shop software, layout and design to your CI, promotional presentation of your products, simple and user-friendly operation to the development of necessary and innovative features for a strong eCommerce occurs.
For 30 years we have been assisting companies in the realization of process-optimized, software-supported solutions. A key issue before and in every project is the advice and analysis. The topic of consulting is therefore our passion, because it is always the start of a successful, joint project.
Together with you we develop and implement your social media strategy for a successful business. Because social media in business is more than just posting news or advertising products. We'll show you how to use your social media activities e.g. for service, sales, customer loyalty and much more.


Our data center meets all the requirements that can be placed on a state-of-the-art data center today. Banks and insurance companies as well as companies that process personal data trust the quality of the data center. The certification authorities have awarded the data center the highest security level and it is certified according to DIN ISO 27001.


These days, security is no longer a by-product of IT, but an essential key factor in the competition and for the company's success. If you have your data and your security under control, you can secure competitive advantages and convince your customers. Our security team analyzes weaknesses, shows possible solutions and makes your company more secure.

Data protection

The company's success clearly depends to a very significant extent on the trust that customers and business partners have - this applies to all divisions and industries. Working with our privacy experts, we'll show you how to meet today's data protection needs while capturing the data you need to succeed.

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